Working in the event industry is not an easy career.

Whether you are an event planner, decorator, photographer, caterer, entertainer or DJ, there is a lot that goes into play with your job. Your number one priority is to make the customer happy, and just trying to do that is stressful enough. One of the biggest questions I get asked when consulting others in the event industry is “how can I become a better me”? I always answer the question with a question and ask them, ‘where is your mind today?’ These may seem like simple questions but they really aren’t.

Many people who start in the event industry give up because their minds are not in the right place. Here are 5 ways to train your brain for success when in the event industry to help build yourself and your business.

Step 1

Protect your mind

Learn how to take care of your mind and protect it from negative thoughts. Nobody can operate at their best when they have a negative mindset. Imagine having to plan a wedding for 200 people and you suddenly start to think that you can’t do it right before the event. Negative thoughts in your mind abuse the logical side of your brain and your brain needs a positive environment. You have to look out for yourself and think positive thoughts.

Step 2

Practice Thought Discipline

Today, start thinking like an overcomer. Everyone goes through tough situations and seasons in this industry but your reaction is your choice. Shift your thinking towards becoming someone who is going to overcome tough situations rather than someone who is going to be held back by them. Remember, your brain’s natural inclination is to be negatively focused and it’s easier to give up.

Step 3

Don’t be Your Worst Critic

You must decide to be your best friend, motivator and supporter. If you can’t get excited about yourself, your ability to work, and your possibilities then why should anyone else? Your clients depend on you to be the best of yourself so that you can provide great service on the day of their event. Remember that the world is packed with people who will be glad to criticize you so there is no need for you to do the same.

Step 4

Train Your Mind to be Grateful

Enjoy what you have achieved so far while pushing forward for bigger and better things. If you started off as a photographer with only a few clients but now your business is booming and you own your own studio, be grateful. Practicing gratitude lights up the positive part of our brain and our brain adapts to this mindset. If your mind focuses on ungrateful and unpleasant thoughts, you won’t get things done and won’t move forward.

Step 5

Train Your Mind For the Future

Once you know how to train your mind to think differently, you will begin to know when your thought process is going off course and steering towards negativity. When you train your mind, future negative thoughts will quickly turn into positive ones. Do not think that your business will never be successful or grow. Rather, start thinking more positive today for a better tomorrow.

Incorporate these strategies into a daily practice and watch how you will begin to see more doors that lead to success than ever before!


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