This year the event industry started off strongly but have taken a hit since the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Never in our lifetimes have we seen a crisis at this magnitude and many businesses are unsure what to do next. Hundreds of  weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and baby showers were either cancelled or downsized. Many governments banned the gathering of more than 10 people in an attempt to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. 

So how bad is this for the special event industry? Halls/venues, had to cancel or postpone events. Photographers, DJ’s, wedding planners, decorators, caterers and officiants had to cancel or reschedule their services to their clients. Even companies that sell clothes for special events have lost revenue. 

Unfortunately, this situation can last for months. With all of this going on during the pandemic there are still ways for your special event business to make money. Here are 4 ways:



#1 Organize events but at a smaller scale 


Earlier this year a South Floridian bride was planning her wedding for 150 people. The wedding was supposed to take place in the middle of April at a gorgeous venue around Miami Shores. Weeks before her occasion she came to the realization that her grand wedding just wouldn’t happen. When the government began to allow smaller gatherings she decided to downsize. She changed her venue to a smaller hall with 25 people and still had a phenomenal wedding in June. How?

Her wedding planner contacted the makeup artist, photographer,DJ, caterers and decorators who were to provide services for her wedding with the new date. The bride still kept the same amount of ladies in her wedding party, so for the makeup artist the amount of time and pay to do each face of the bridesmaids and bride was the same. The photographer and videographers still had to capture the event but with less people and less time. The same were for the decorators, DJ and caterers- they still had to provide their services but at a smaller scale.


#2 Reschedule events


If it is possible, try to convince clients to reschedule events rather than cancelling. When the government began to ban large gatherings many clients were calling venues to cancel their special occasion.  No one really knew exactly how long these bans would last and the effect on the economy. Many event planners decided the best thing to do was talking to their clients first before cancelling. For example, there are many events that could take place a year from the anticipated date, so the best thing to do before cancelling an event is to talk to the client and discuss options first. 


#3 Have photoshoot events


Though some events can be rescheduled and have an anticipated date, there are some that just can’t. You only turn 30 once so you can’t really wait the next year to throw your big 30th birthday party. One thing that many clients are doing is booking photoshoots to still capture their special day. A photoshoot is a great way to celebrate that special event. An event planner can contact the best and affordable photographer in the area of their clients and book a photoshoot session. The photographer should have the right props and scenery. Following the right safety measures and social distancing, the client may even invite a few close family and friends to attend the photoshoot. 


#4 Plan a virtual concert


Were you in charge of planning a concert? Unfortunately, with the ban many concerts had to be cancelled during the pandemic. Concert decorators, uplighting companies, DJ’s and any other event companies lost business and money. I still believe that the show should go on, just maybe without a physical crowd. Event planners should help their clients rent  a venue and set up a concert with staging, lights, music and have live streams over the internet. Fans can still offer a donation so that staffers get paid.


These were four ways to make money during the pandemic. Always remember to follow the right safety measures and social distancing.



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